Bussey’s Florist offers the best selection of beautiful, farm fresh red roses in Rome and Cedartown

Bussey’s Florist offers most spectacular and fresh roses in Rome Georgia and beyond. We have roses of all types and colors.  This June is National Rose Month and is the perfect time to shop with us. Not only do we offer roses, but we also have many other varieties of flowers and plants to choose from. Recently, I was provided with a sensational article regarding roses that was written by the Chairman of the Society of American Florists. There is so much great information in the article, and it is so relevant for National Rose Month that I wanted to share it.

Roses are the most popular flower in the world, with over a billion stems sold annually. Over 250 million are produced for Valentine’s Day alone. They are popular because of their beautiful colors, shape and petal structure, as well as their lovely fragrance. While many landscape roses have 5 petals, hybrid tea roses, those produced for commercial cutting, can have up to 40 petals. Best of all, there are always new varieties to discover with over 150 rose species and thousands of fabulous cultivars.

June is National Rose Month, a perfect time for me to share with you some of my favorite varieties, not ranked, because they are simply too beautiful to pick a favorite.

  • Alabaster is a breathtaking, off-white rose with many soft, delicate petals.
  • Catalina warms my soul with creamy yellow petals that reveal sunshine as they open.
  • Ashley is a luscious pink rose that is not too pale and not too bold.
  • Juliet captivates me with a very interesting petal structure and perfect peach color.
  • Miyabi Wabara is a pink rose with a peach heart and wonderfully ruffled petals.
  • Free Spirit combines yellow, peach and pink in its countless petals. Just WOW!

I am often asked how to care for cut roses and respond with a few tips:

  • Keep the water clean. Bacteria is our primary enemy and you can limit bacterial growth by rinsing the vase daily and refilling with water.
  • Cut stems with a knife or very sharp pruners. Dull scissors will pinch the Xylem and Phloem closed and restrict the uptake of water.
  • Use the flower food provided by your florist. The old wives’ tales about aspirin and pennies are lore and not based on any science. The food is most essential during the first two water changes, so do not worry if you run out.
  • If a rose wilts prematurely, do not trash it. Simply give it a fresh cut and submerge the entire rose in warm water for an hour or so. It will rehydrate and look great for many additional days.

Fun fact: Most of the world’s cut roses are grown in the mountains of Colombia and Ecuador. The altitude and proximity to the Equator means lots of year-round sunshine and the perfect combination of temperature and humidity.

Also, please remember that an open rose is not necessarily an old rose. Advancements in growing technology mean growers can leave the stem attached to the plant longer for better health and bloom development.

Therefore, we can deliver a fully developed, open rose that will perform well in the vase for 6-10 days. If you get one, follow my care instructions and enjoy the rose in its most beautiful open stages.

This month I hope you will join me in experiencing the joy of roses, both as a giver and receiver.  Happy Summer!

By Chris Drummond, AAF, PFCI

A third-generation florist, Chris grew up in Audubon, PA. He has been awarded Pennsylvania’s Florist of The Year, and currently serves as Chairman of the Society of American Florists.


6 Red Roses

Six beautiful Ecuadorian red roses in a clear glass vase.


Celebrate National Rose Month with Roses from Bussey’s Florist

Shop at Bussey’s Flowers for the best selection of beautiful, farm fresh red roses in Rome and Cedartown. We offer long stem red roses, red spray roses and beautiful red garden roses. Based on the sales data, roses tend to be the most popular flower in the United States. We use gorgeous roses in many of the fresh flower designs we create. Our firm carries roses in lots of incredible colors. Next time you are in the area, we invite you to stop in at one of our floral design centers. You can see all the wonderful rose options we offer. In addition to roses, we carry the best selection of other floral varieties anywhere in Rome and Cedartown.

Many of the roses we sell come directly from flower farms. We buy from both domestic and international growers. Buying roses direct offers many great advantages. The cost of acquisition for the roses is much lower when you eliminate the wholesalers and middlemen. We can pass along those great savings to our customers. The time between when the farms cut the roses and when they arrive here at our Rome and Cedartown floral design centers is reduced. Roses, like other fresh cut flowers, are perishable products.

Freshness matters! When our award-winning design staff creates an arrangement with roses, we know that those roses are the finest and freshest they can be. That freshness translates directly into longer vase life for the customers who receive the gorgeous flower arrangements we create.

Bussey’s Florist is family owned and operated. We operate two flower shops that serve local customers in Floyd and Polk counties. Our firm offers local same day flower delivery and express flower delivery service to our customers in Armuchee, Cartersville, Cedartown, Coosa, Kingston, Lindale, Rockmart and Rome. If you would like to send roses to someone outside of our local delivery zone, we can handle that for you. Our firm provides nationwide same day flower delivery service through our network of hand selected floral design partners.


A Dozen Pink Roses

Pretty, pink and perfect. There’s nothing like long-stemmed pink roses to show your affection.
A dozen pink roses with variegated pittosporum and salal in a beautiful glass vase.


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