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January. The hustle and bustle of the holidays are behind us, the Christmas decorations have been packed away for another year, and the cold, gray skies are starting to take their toll. Adding a touch of nature to your home is a simple and easy cure for the January blues. Here are five easy tips to brighten your home or warm the heart of someone you care about this winter.

1. Winter Whites. One of our favorite things about winter is the quiet stillness of the air. A few stems of snowy white blossoms juxtaposed against dense evergreens and the woody texture of pine cones evokes a restful, serene tone. Select a bouquet with beautifully petaled roses, lilies, or elegant orchids to create a sense of calm and serenity this January.

2. Color has a huge impact on our mood. We suggest you select a color pallet that conveys soothing and nurturing vibes after the mad rush of the holiday season is over. Crushed, velvety purples and lavenders layered upon fresh, crisp greens bring about a feeling of calm serenity. Select hydrangea in a bright tone of green. Lisianthus, roses, and even carnations offer an eye-pleasing contrast.

3. Hope. Flowers bring a feeling of hope that brighter days are ahead. In January, we get our first shipments of Dutch tulips in the shop. When the first delivery arrives, there is a palatable change in the air. Spring is, indeed, just around the bend. Treat yourself to a grand bouquet or pick up a grower’s bunch of ten stems to enjoy.

4. Did you know that scientific studies have shown that plants have a healing effect and positively impact moods? Adding a green plant is a pleasant addition to any home. One great benefit is that plants act as an air filter, perfect for winter months when the house is shut tight. One reminder, heat can dry out your plants. In the winter months make sure to check soil for moisture more frequently.

5. If you prefer something more lasting, consider adding a permanent or silk floral arrangement to your home. Today, silk botanicals are more realistic than ever. We just had a new shipment of spring stems arrive at the shop. Why not have our designers work with you to create a great accent to brighten your existing decor?
Questions? Drop by our shop or give the floral experts at Bussey’s Florist & Gifts a call today. We’ve got the cure for your January blues!