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Bussey's Florist Thanksgiving flowers and plants are symbolic of the harvest season. They are also a way to bring beauty into your home during the holiday season, especially if you do not have room for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. The Thanksgiving Cornucopia is used as a symbol of abundance at many festivals during the fall season.   SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFERS - USE ON MAIN WEBSITE           Thanksgiving Cornucopia The cornucopia is a symbol of abundance and Thanksgiving. It is traditionally made of metal or pottery, with fruits and vegetables spilling out of the horn. The word "cornucopia" comes from the Latin cornu copiae, meaning "horn of plenty." In mythology, it was said that Zeus gave Athena a magical goat-skin bag (another name for this type of container) which never ran out no matter how much food was put inside it! The image above shows an ancient Roman statue depicting a deity holding such a bag over his shoulder; he's surrounded by animals representing different types of produce: grapes for wine, apples for cider...and even eggs! A cornucopia was often placed at the center of a table during Thanksgiving to symbolize abundance and plenty. This tradition began in ancient Rome, where it was common for people to place an upturned goat-skin bag filled with fruit or vegetables on their dining room tables during celebrationsThe cornucopia was a symbol of fertility and abundance in ancient Greece. It was often used on coins and statues to represent the "horn of plenty" which, according to mythology, could never run dry no matter how much food or drink was put inside it.. This mythological symbol can still be seen today in many places throughout the world, from on American coins to in our homes [...]