More family special occasion days happen this month, one of which is Grandparent’s Day on September 12th. This is an opportune time to let your grandparents know how much you treasure them for their wisdom, unconditional love, and generosity with their time.

Your grandparents appreciate any time you can give them and know you have busy lives. That’s why this special day in September is so important to celebrate them. Here are some ideas to celebrate your grandparents.

  • If you can’t see your grandparents in-person, call them or send a card and gift like a plant, gift basket, or a bouquet of fresh flowers. They will appreciate the sentiment and will be happy that you remembered this special occasion day even if you couldn’t see them.
  • Go visit them and spend time with them. If they can’t go out from their house, consider bringing a meal or cooking something there.
  • If they can go out, take them to a meal and out to something they enjoy like the park or gardens, a museum, the movies, or the mall. Ask them what they would like to do and plan your day around their preferences.

Whatever you choose to do, make the most of the time together. As they get older, there will be less time with them unfortunately. Your grandparents have knowledge and experience that can be truly valuable. This is the time to listen to them and learn from their life experiences.

Our Cedartown and Rome, Georgia flower shops are here to help you gift your grandparents with beautiful flowers in their favorite colors and varieties. We also have green plants and blooming plants that are ideal for grandparents with green thumbs. Plus, you are gifting them with something that provides health benefits, including creating purer air.

Lastly, we have gifts in our Cedartown and Rome, Georgia florist locations as well as greeting cards and other special curated items from local small businesses. You can order in our flower shops, by phone, or through our website’s online order form. When you order, let us know if you will be picking up your grandparent gifts or you want contactless delivery.

We also can help you with gifts for your grandparents if they live outside Rome, Georgia and Cedartown. We work with florists all over the country who can deliver flowers no matter where your grandparents are located. That way, we can help you celebrate Grandparents Day no matter where they are!