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Welcome Fall with New Colors and Accents

Fall officially arrived on September 22nd, bringing with it an opportunity to change up the colors and decor in our homes and offices here in Cedartown and Rome, Georgia. Our Rome, Georgia flower shop and Cedartown flower shop are both ready to help you take advantage of the new fall floral trends with a collection of fall flower arrangements, fall centerpieces, and fall bouquets that illustrate the range of fall hues now available. The same goes for our fall plants! Bright Orange and Soft Peach The color orange comes to mind in the fall primarily because of pumpkins. We have bold orange flowers, including roses and gerbera daisies. There are also soothing peach florals that are sublime. Other blooming plants provide orange flowers to add a punch of color to your porch, dining table, and more. Don't forget to display those favorite gourds! Brilliant Yellow Yellow flowers bring sunflowers to mind, and we have those ready and waiting for you! You can get a bowl full of sunshine or choose a bouquet that features sunflowers. Ask us about our custom fall floral services and how we can include sunflowers in those. We have floral designs that are rustic with burlap accents or elegant in tall glass vases. The choice is yours! Cream Not everything about fall has to be bold. If the rest of your decor includes bright and deep hues, consider some soothing white or cream florals. You can add fall accents like leaves and branches to bring in the fall feel. And, don't forget about those white pumpkins! Pink and Purple For a touch of whimsy, consider the popular fall 2021 trend toward pinks and purples. You can also make it regal with bold purple hues. This is ideal for fun Halloween floral displays that highlight orange and purple together in [...]

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Celebrate Mother Nature During National Indoor Plant Week

The third week of September is known as National Indoor Plant Week. The week was created to call attention to everything green that Mother Nature has offered us. These plant offerings are not only beautiful and visually diverse, but they also can provide health benefits like air purification. This week is a good time to add more green plants to your life and even those around you so they also can benefit from the beauty and health plants offer. Our flower shops in Cedartown and Rome, Georgia are here to help with a diverse collection of indoor plants that are easy to care for and enhance your decor and life. Our indoor plant collection provides many options for different preferences. We have everything from gorgeous spathiphyllum plants with bright green leaves and white blooms to stunning orchids to succulents. One of the most popular plant products we offer through our website and flowers shops are the garden arrangements that come in a ceramic dish or basket. Each of these options provides a different size and variety of indoor plants, including some that come with flowering plants. Our focus is on offering the freshest plants so you can enjoy them for months and even years to come with very little maintenance. That's why we also proudly recommend plants as gift options too as they are the gifts that keep on giving and will remind your recipient of you for a long time as they enjoy the beauty and health benefits that this gift offers. Please also check with us on what green or indoor plants are currently available because we regularly receive many new seasonal varieties. You can also inquire about a specific type of plant and we can see if it's possible for us to get those plants for you. [...]

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Order Homecoming Flowers from Bussey’s Florist

Now that school has started and most aspects of school have returned to some sense of normalcy, many schools are considering hosting dances and special events again, such as Homecoming. For kids throughout Cedartown and Rome, Georgia, the idea of celebrating Homecoming again is so exciting! Our Cedartown flower shop and Rome, Georgia florist location are both ready to take your Homecoming flower orders. You can also order homecoming flowers and packages through our online order form found on our website. Whether you shop in our flower shops and meet with our floral design team or you order online, you will be able to find a wide selection of Homecoming corsages, including wristlets and pinned versions. The floral and designs for these corsages the latest floral trends, including unique materials for the wristlets and accents to enhance flowers like roses, orchids, and carnations. The corsages for Homecoming come in three sizes and start at $45. In addition to the Homecoming corsages available, you can also find matching Homecoming boutonnieres. The boutonnieres come in three sizes and start at $30. Like the Homecoming corsages, there is everything from traditional styles to standout styles with bold colors and exotic flowers. We recommend ordering as early as possible for your Homecoming flowers to get the most variety and options while ensuring you can pick up your flowers in time for the Homecoming dance. Ask us about available packages when you visit or call our Cedartown and Rome, GA flower shops. We also recommend bringing in your Homecoming dress or, at the very least, pictures so we can help you select the best color choice and style for your Homecoming flowers. We want to ensure that it's a fun experience and enjoy working with students and their parents during Homecoming to make it a [...]

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Celebrate Family on Grandparent’s Day!

More family special occasion days happen this month, one of which is Grandparent's Day on September 12th. This is an opportune time to let your grandparents know how much you treasure them for their wisdom, unconditional love, and generosity with their time. Your grandparents appreciate any time you can give them and know you have busy lives. That's why this special day in September is so important to celebrate them. Here are some ideas to celebrate your grandparents. If you can't see your grandparents in-person, call them or send a card and gift like a plant, gift basket, or a bouquet of fresh flowers. They will appreciate the sentiment and will be happy that you remembered this special occasion day even if you couldn't see them. Go visit them and spend time with them. If they can't go out from their house, consider bringing a meal or cooking something there. If they can go out, take them to a meal and out to something they enjoy like the park or gardens, a museum, the movies, or the mall. Ask them what they would like to do and plan your day around their preferences. Whatever you choose to do, make the most of the time together. As they get older, there will be less time with them unfortunately. Your grandparents have knowledge and experience that can be truly valuable. This is the time to listen to them and learn from their life experiences. Our Cedartown and Rome, Georgia flower shops are here to help you gift your grandparents with beautiful flowers in their favorite colors and varieties. We also have green plants and blooming plants that are ideal for grandparents with green thumbs. Plus, you are gifting them with something that provides health benefits, including creating purer air. Lastly, we have [...]

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Get Ready for Labor Day Festivities with Flowers

Labor Day is just around the corner on the first Monday of September. This year, that falls on September 6th. It's a day to celebrate all the American workers do for the companies they work for and their efforts to fuel local and national economies. Although most see Labor Day as the official end to summer and a three-day weekend to relax and enjoy, it's important to remember the reason it exists and bring awareness to the value of American workers, including their talent and energy. This also includes business work who often work endless hours to sustain their business. Here in Cedartown and Rome, Georgia, our flower shops also celebrate our talented staff and their hard work. Whether you plan to be off from work or have to still do some work, here are some ways to celebrate Labor Day with flowers. First, if you are a business owner, consider gifting your staff with a personalized bouquet in their favorite colors or with their favorite flowers. It's a sweet gesture that shows you appreciate them and you know what they like. Of course, you don't have to own a business to send someone flowers for being an incredible employee. You could send flowers to a friend, family member, neighbor, or colleague who you know gives work their all. Second, you might be planning some type of event one the Labor Day weekend for your staff or just for friends and family like a barbecue, block party, office party, or picnic. Work with our Cedartown flower shop or our Rome, Georgia flower shop to add flowers to these events, including centerpieces or other floral displays. These add ambiance and color to your Labor Day event. For gifts or events, you can opt for one of our signature flower arrangements or [...]

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Send Flowers For All Special August Days

They say the greatest happiness comes from giving, so it makes sense then how good it feels to know if you have made someone else smile or feel good from your actions. In these challenging times where there is a lot of stress and worry related to work, school, health, finances, and everything else, it is good for all of us to focus on how we can do something positive for others that may also help us focus on the more important things in our lives. Last week, we talked about National Smile Week and how good it was to make anyone and everyone smile. This week, we want to share some other special days where we can make someone's day. This includes our older friends, neighbors, and family members on Senior Citizen Day on August 21st. Then, there is Kiss and Make Up Day on August 25th where it's an opportune time to end that awkward silence or rift between you and other people in your life. Finally, there is Just Because Day on July 27th when you can do something for anyone but not need a reason or occasion to do so. Our Rome, Georgia and Cedartown, Georgia flower shops and website are here to help you make someone else's day with some stunning flowers. One place to start looking for the perfect floral gift for any and all of these special occasion days in August is in our summer collection. Why not enjoy what's summer has got to offer with the bright and bold blooms? These are cheerful bouquets and arrangements that come in all sizes and colors. If you are looking for the latest trends to incorporate in your floral gift, then another option is to look at our bestsellers collection. This collection of flowers has [...]

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Send Your Love in August During National Smile Week and Romance Awareness Month

August is a month focused on ways that you can show those around you just how much you care. In a world that could do better with kindness and concern for others, these special occasions are a good way to get started on thinking of others. The second week of August is known as National Smile Week. It's a good time to smile more at others (in some places, this may mean smiling with your eyes or emojis in case you have to wear a mask. And, it's a good opportunity to do things for others that are bound to make them smile. After all, smiling is known to put those who do it and experience it in a more positive frame of mind. August is also National Romance Awareness Month, which is an opportunity to focus on romance despite having hectic lives and lots of responsibilities that take you away from focusing on your loved one as much as you'd like. If you celebrate one or both, our Cedartown and Rome, Georgia flower shops and website are here to help you with thoughtful gifts. Here are some ideas to consider: Roses are a stunning flower to give for either occasion. Consider a bouquet of yellow roses to symbolize your friendship or give a traditional romantic gift of a dozen or more red roses. Select a bright and cheerful arrangement with many bold colors amongst a variety of flowers to delight your recipient. Our Vibrant Beauty bouquet is a good example. Choose one of our gift packages or gift baskets to shower your loved one or friend with many gifts in one. For example, our Vibrant Garden Gift Collection comes in three sizes of bouquets along with a candle and gourmet chocolates.  Our gift baskets include gourmet food items and/or [...]

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Back to School Means Flowers & Gifts for Teachers and Summer Care Providers

It's time for back to school in most counties around Georgia, including those located in Cedartown and Rome, Georgia. The summer break has flown by and it's time to focus on a new school year with new teachers. This is an opportune time to show summer care givers like camp counselors and others how much you appreciated their help while also welcoming new teachers. It's back to campus, too, so it's an exciting time. Whether you are a parent of a first-time school age child, have a child transitioning to a new school or grade level, or you are returning to the same school, it's an ideal time to start the school year off right with a small gift. After all, teachers really do have one of the most difficult jobs and so many work so hard to help your children learn and develop. At Bussey's, we are here to help you find the best thank you and welcome gifts, including our Cedartown flower shop, our Rome, Georgia flower shop, and our website. A great place to look for a beautiful flower arrangement that fits your vision and budget is our Bestsellers collection. This collection highlights our customers' favorite flower arrangements and floral designs, making it easy to select something that you know is on-trend. You can also choose from one of our other floral or gift collections, including our summer flowers collection. These floral gift options are bright and offer you the freshest flowers of the season. These include cheerful sunflowers and bold colors that reflect the upcoming fall season. Another great teacher gift idea is to get them a plant. Plants last a long time, are easy to care for, and even provide cleaner air for the classroom. We have indoor green plants, flowering plants, succulents, tropical plants, [...]

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Designing Wedding Flowers with Passion

Summer weddings are back, and we couldn't be more excited here in Cedartown, Georgia and Rome, Georgia. Last year, it was difficult to host weddings. Although we did help with wedding flowers for micro-weddings, we are happy to be back and busy with weddings of all sizes. At Bussey's Florist, wedding flowers are our passion. Our floral design team loves to work on weddings throughout Rome and Cedartown, Georgia because we are involved in helping make one of the most memorable day of people's lives, turning it into a beautiful representation of their dream. We want to make the wedding process easy and fun for you. That's why we created a separate wedding flower website that contains all the information you need to host a wedding, including information on venues as well as wedding flower galleries that show examples of our wedding flowers for other customers. Here are some of the summer wedding flower trends for 2021 that you may want to consider if you are planning a wedding this summer: Personal color palates are much more important than going with the in-colors this year. After such a long wait to have your wedding, this is an opportune time to make it as personal as possible. Go with whatever colors express how you feel for your wedding and that define your individual style. More unique flowers that you may not typically see are also a big trend. Forget the roses and carnations. It's time for peonies, dahlias, and other playful and colorful blooms. Textures are also a big summer wedding flower trend, including mixing dried and fresh flowers, adding more accents and greenery, and incorporating fabrics like raffia around the wedding bouquet. If you are interested in on-trend summer wedding flower colors, this season is focused on earth tones like [...]

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Gifts for All Occasions!

Every month, you most likely have many occasions to celebrate among family, friends, and your social circle. July is no different with many birthdays and other things to celebrate. However, there are also some other special occasion days that you may not realize are good to celebrate during the month of July. These include Cousin's Day on July 24th, Parent's Day on July 25th, Aunt and Uncle Day on July 26th, and Father-in-Law Day on July 30th. At our Cedartown and Rome, Georgia flower shops as well as through our virtual flower shop on our website, we have all types of gifts for all these occasions, including flowers, plants, and gift baskets in a range of styles, sizes, and prices. You will be able to treat all of your family on these special occasion family-themed days throughout July. Here are some gift ideas to consider for these special occasion days: For Cousin's Day, consider a gift basket filled with candy, fresh fruit and savory treats, or a combination of gourmet foods. We also have a gift basket called "Just Add Wine," which might be a good idea to then pair their favorite red, white, or champagne varietal. For Parents Day, you might want to do a gift basket or possibly a special luxury flower arrangement with their favorite flowers and in their favorite color(s). We have many summer floral designs that provide the freshest flowers possible to show your love. For Aunt and Uncle Day and Father-in-Law Day, you could select a long-lasting gift from our plant collection, such as a succulent garden or basket garden of indoor green plants. These are low maintenance and provide a way to show your love for months to come. Of course, they might also enjoy one of our gift baskets. For any and [...]

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