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Bussey's Florist With the summer heat finally behind us, we can start to think about fall floral décor. As a professional florist, we like to recommend certain plants and flowers that look great with their colors and textures. Autumn is a great time to add some color to your home with these stylish fall flowers. They are perfect for adding pops of color to your décor, so you can enjoy them all season long! In this article we discuss our favorite options for Fashionable Fall Floral Products.   SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFERS - USE ON MAIN WEBSITE         Fall Fashionable Plants: These plants look beautiful year-round, but they are especially gorgeous during autumn when their leaves change colors from green to shades of red or yellow. They are also really easy to care for, so you do not have to worry about them getting too much or too little water. Burro’s tail: This pretty succulent has green leaves that grow on tall, thin stems with red tips. It makes a great houseplant because it does not need much water or sunlight and can survive in almost any environment. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Sage (Salvia officinalis) - also known as garden sage, this herb can be used in cooking and has fragrant foliage with blue flowers on it during the summer months. Chrysanthemum - this perennial flower comes in many different varieties including single-flowered types, which bloom from May through November; double varieties with large flowers that have a bright yellow center surrounded by white petals; or "dwarf" mums that grow no higher than 2 feet tall. There are also several hybrids available at nurseries today such as 'Helen Traubel' which combines several colors into one plant! Shasta Daisies - these perennials [...]

Bussey’s Flowers offers Same Day Delivery of Fresh Cornucopia and Flower Arrangements

Bussey's Florist Bussey's Florist & Gifts is a family owned and operated floral design firm. Our company was founded in 1976. We operate two flower shops in Floyd and Polk County Georgia. Our firm was voted Best Local Florist, by readers of the Rome News Tribune and the Journal-Standard. We provide local same day and express flower delivery anywhere in the Cartersville Georgia area. The roses we sell are absolutely gorgeous. We buy many of the roses we sell direct from flower farms in Ecuador. Most of the farms raise their roses high in the mountains. The growing conditions in that environment are nearly perfect. In the mountains, the rose plants enjoy the perfect blend of sunlight, moisture and soil conditions. The farms we work with schedule several cuttings per year. We prefer to purchase when they are cutting the premium quality roses. These Premium Ecuadorian Roses are special. They are longer stemmed and have large, gorgeous blooms. We use the long stem varieties in many of our traditional designs. They also work great for tall table centerpieces. Many of the flowers we sell are purchased directly from floral farms. We buy for both domestic and international growers. Buying direct offers great advantages for us and for our customers. There are often significant cost savings when buying from the flower farms. We routinely pass along much of those savings to our customers. Buying direct also reduces the time between when the flowers are cut at the farms and when they arrive at our floral design centers. Reducing that time frame is really a big deal. It ensures that our award-winning floral designers always have access to the finest and freshest flower varieties when making arrangements for our customers. Fresher flowers translate directly into longer vase life for our customers. Bussey's [...]

Bussey’s Florist Offers Same Day Delivery to Armuchee High School

Bussey's Florist Bussey's Florist & Gifts was voted Best Florist in Rome, Georgia. We are family owned and operated. Our firm provides local same day and express flower delivery service to Armuchee High School, in Rome, Georgia. The high school is located at 4203 Martha Berry Hwy, Rome, GA 30165. Our Rome floral design center is located at 500 East 2nd Avenue, Suite 6, Rome, GA 30161. The driving distance from our flower shop to the high school is approximately 7.1 miles. It only takes our delivery staff about 14 minutes to make the drive to the school. Given that we are so close, our delivery staff is generally able to make multiple delivery runs to Armuchee High School each day. Our company was founded in 1976. We operate flower shops in Rome and Cedartown, Georgia. Our delivery staff provides local same day and express flower delivery service to our customers in Floyd and Polk counties. Bussey's Florist is the premier floral design center in Rome. We were voted Best Local Florist, by readers of the Rome News Tribune and the Journal-Standard. Many of the flowers we sell are purchased directly from floral farms. We buy for both domestic and international growers. Buying direct offers great advantages for us and for our customers. There are often significant cost savings when buying from the flower farms. We routinely pass along much of those savings to our customers. Buying direct also reduces the time between when the flowers are cut at the farms and when they arrive here in Rome and Cedartown. By reducing that time frame, we can ensure the flowers arrive fresher. Creating flower arrangements with fresher flowers, means our customers get to enjoy them longer. Bussey's Florist backs every flower purchase with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you [...]

Bussey’s Florist has great quality flowers and festive floral décor for this Black Friday and the holiday season

Bussey's Florist Retailers are scrambling to ramp up for this historically high volume shopping day, Black Friday. While the past two years have been challenging to say the least, positive predictions are that 2021 should be improved in terms of in store sales. Even though studies have shown vaccines have lowered risks, safety precautions are still warranted as we venture out to stores. Bussey's Florist offers stunning competitive floral products that would be sensational as a thoughtful holiday gift. We also offer the convenience and safety of shopping online for those who want to stay home as opposed to going out to crowded stores. Black Friday has an interesting history of origination. From initially being called Black Friday because people called in sick the day after Thanksgiving, to the police in some major cities referring to the day as Black Friday because of the crowds and traffic to today being commonly referred to as the best holiday shopping day. In addition to being the best shopping day of the season, Black Friday is also known as the beginning of USA Christmas shopping season. Last year, when Covid was peaking, many people opted for online purchasing so they could safely shop from home. That has been a growing trend for several years and now has become even more popular. However, for those that want to get out and visit stores in person, the opportunities will be there. Following Black Friday, there are a couple of additional special shopping opportunities: Small Business Saturday occurs between November 24th and November 30th. This day falls in as one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. First observed in the United States on November 27, 2010, Small Business Saturday is within the same theme as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are days when [...]

Shop for your Fall home decorations at Bussey’s Florist where you will find lovely Halloween Flowers and other Fall décor

Bussey's FloristHello wonderful Fall season! We are now in full swing and Halloween is just a few days away. This is the perfect time of year to decorate your home with holiday festive flowers and other fall décor from Bussey's Florist. People often love Fall more than other seasons for all the benefits it brings.  The temperatures are more pleasant than the long dog days of summer, the leaves are turning color, holiday fragrances fill the air and the holiday spirit begins to gain momentum. Decorating the home is always an exciting activity for the family and the expert floral designers at Bussey's Florist are ready to assist with our stylish and festive fall flowers.It is so reassuring to finally see more outdoor venues opening up. Activities like college football, county fairs and parades are part of the long standing traditions that usher in the wonderful Fall season. Last year many of these activities were discouraged or not permitted. As Halloween nears and families plan parties, there are numerous fun activities that can be done while still keeping in mind that safety is paramount. Below are a few CDC guidelines for lower risk gatherings and activities.Having a virtual Halloween costume contestHaving a Halloween movie night with people you live withCarving or decorating pumpkins with members of your household and displaying themCarving or decorating pumpkins outside, at a safe distance, with neighbors or friendsDecorating your house, apartment, or living spaceDoing a Halloween scavenger hunt where children are given lists of Halloween-themed things to look for while they walk outdoors from house to house admiring Halloween decorations at a distanceHaving a scavenger hunt-style trick-or-treat search with your household members in or around your home rather than going house to houseProtect those not yet eligible for vaccination such as young children by getting yourself [...]

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This Boss’s Day, send only the best flowers like those you will find at Bussey’s Florist

Bussey's FloristThere are so many individuals that have a boss they respect and appreciate.  One great way to express gratitude this Boss's Day is to send a flower arrangement from Bussey's Florist!  People recognize that talented leaders are the ones that encourage us to be at our best while always making us feel motivated and positive about our accomplishments and contributions.  Bussey's Florist has the freshest and most colorful flowers to show just how much respect, caring and appreciation you have for your boss.The concept of "National Boss's Day" was introduced  to the United States Chamber of Commerce in 1958. The kind hearted woman who introduced the concept was working for her father as a secretary at a State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois. In her observation, it did not seem clear to younger workers that their supervisors were dedicated, committed and hard working individuals. She felt their dedication needed to be realized and appreciated.Used to be that it was customary for an employee to simply give their boss or supervisor a thank you card. Today it is common place that gifts are given on Boss’s Day. Typical gifts are candy and chocolates. In many cases employees pool their money to buy even bigger gifts. Do you have a special boss that you would like to give a delicious gift basket to? We have just what you need at Bussey's Florist!In addition to beautiful flower arrangements, gifts and bouquets from Bussey's Florist, below are a few additional great ideas to make your boss feel special.If your boss enjoys outdoor activities, perhaps arrange for her or him to take the day off and play a round of golf.Most people in the office enjoy potluck events. You might arrange and host a potluck and keep your boss's favorite foods and beverages in mind.Purchase [...]

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Welcome Fall with New Colors and Accents

Fall officially arrived on September 22nd, bringing with it an opportunity to change up the colors and decor in our homes and offices here in Cedartown and Rome, Georgia. Our Rome, Georgia flower shop and Cedartown flower shop are both ready to help you take advantage of the new fall floral trends with a collection of fall flower arrangements, fall centerpieces, and fall bouquets that illustrate the range of fall hues now available. The same goes for our fall plants! Bright Orange and Soft Peach The color orange comes to mind in the fall primarily because of pumpkins. We have bold orange flowers, including roses and gerbera daisies. There are also soothing peach florals that are sublime. Other blooming plants provide orange flowers to add a punch of color to your porch, dining table, and more. Don't forget to display those favorite gourds! Brilliant Yellow Yellow flowers bring sunflowers to mind, and we have those ready and waiting for you! You can get a bowl full of sunshine or choose a bouquet that features sunflowers. Ask us about our custom fall floral services and how we can include sunflowers in those. We have floral designs that are rustic with burlap accents or elegant in tall glass vases. The choice is yours! Cream Not everything about fall has to be bold. If the rest of your decor includes bright and deep hues, consider some soothing white or cream florals. You can add fall accents like leaves and branches to bring in the fall feel. And, don't forget about those white pumpkins! Pink and Purple For a touch of whimsy, consider the popular fall 2021 trend toward pinks and purples. You can also make it regal with bold purple hues. This is ideal for fun Halloween floral displays that highlight orange and purple together in [...]

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Decorating Your Home with Autumn Floral Hues

The beauty of fall is that there is such a rich collection of colors that define the season. That gives us many ways to decorate that fit our home and personal style. Our Rome, Georgia flower shop and Cedartown flower shop both offer a fall collection of flowers that illustrate the range of colors available across our autumn floral products. Orange and Peach We equate the color orange with fall primarily because of pumpkins. This popular symbol of fall offers a fun way to decorate your home. Add pumpkins to your front porch along with other gourds. Or, you can use our ceramic pumpkin containers to display flowers throughout your home, including as a centerpiece. However, peach has grown in popularity as a fall color for more subdued floral designs, including elegant presentations that combine peach and cream flowers. Yellow Yellow is another popular hue for autumn due in large part to the use of sunflowers in rustic fall arrangements. Along with pumpkins, the sunflower is a cheerful way to celebrate the season, adding warmth as the weather changes to cooler temperatures. Of course, we also have other yellow flowers like roses to add sunshine to your fall decor. Metallic This year, we've noticed an increase in the use of metallic colors, including gold, bronze, and silver. This includes using these colors in the flowers, fall accents, and vases. The metallic tones add a bold and rich look to your fall decor, which also blends with both traditional and modern decor styles. Purple and Burgundy Considered regal colors, purple and burgundy add a bold color look to any room. While burgundy is often seen in fall floral displays, including stunning fall leaves, purple may not be a color necessarily associated with the season. However, it's a color choice that is [...]

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Fall has Arrived Along with Our Fall Flower, Plant, and Gift Collection!

We are so excited that fall has finally arrived. The official first day of Fall was September 22nd, but our floral design team at both our Cedartown flower shop and Rome, Georgia flower shop have been preparing new floral design ideas for weeks. We can't wait for you to experience them for yourselves by stopping by our florist locations to shop or visiting our website where we have added our fall collection. You will not only find new bouquets and flower arrangements, but there are also fall plants and seasonal gifts for upcoming holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving we've prepared for you! Our fall collection reflects many of the current fall floral trends we've seen as well as offers our own unique take on one our favorite seasons.   Tropical Flair We all love the traditional fall motifs of pumpkins, branches, and leaves. But, we are loving the appearance of a tropical flair to fall floral design, combining tropical accents with bold fall colors. A good example is our Fields of Autumn that feels both like fall and the tropics. Traditional Options Abound From rustic containers made from wood or burlap to pumpkin keepsake holders and fall foliage, we still offer plenty of the traditional fall floral designs so beloved by you, our customers. This includes a wide range of sunflower-themed bouquets and arrangements. Fall Centerpieces For All While Thanksgiving is still in the near future, you can still add a fall centerpiece to your dining table, family room coffee table, or foyer to welcome the season. These generous-sized flower arrangements come in many styles and colors. Some even include tapered candles or pillar candles under a hurricane glass. Plus, we have cornucopias for when you want to set your table with gratitude in mind. Orders, Deliveries, and Gifts You [...]

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Use Autumn Colors and Fall Flowers For Your Home

Bussey's Flowers, Gifts, and Decor Rome, GA's Favorite Florist for Fall Decorations Bussey's Flowers, Gifts & Decor is a family-owned and operated floral design firm. Our Rome flower shop is at 50 Broad Street, Rome, Georgia 30161, and our Cedartown flower shop is located at 302 Main Street, Cedartown, Georgia 30125.  We offer gift and event floral decor, plants, and curated gifts as well as local same day and express flower delivery service in Cedar Valley and nationwide same-day delivery service. We also have a website that enables you to shop and order flowers, plants, and gifts online to send to recipients in Rome, Cedartown, the surrounding areas, and nationwide. Now's the time to start decorating your home for the fall season. It won't be too long before Halloween and Thanksgiving are here.  Our fall collection offers a way to add rich colors and textures to your home and office to celebrate this harvest season. Season of Sunflowers While fall floral trends change from year to year, some things never change. And, one of those things is the use of sunflowers in flower arrangements, bouquets, and centerpieces. The bold and large flower creates a focal point in many of these autumn flower arrangements. It's a flower that works well for rustic looks as well as elegant environments. Ribbons and Burlap Another way to enhance fall flowers is to add accents that provide more color, design, patterns, and texture to the overall look. One of the ways to do this is to wrap a vase in ribbon, such as a plaid ribbon in fall colors or use burlap to wrap the entire vase. Bright Colors Fall offers more than just deep and dark colors. You can go with rich orange and yellow hues to brighten a fall day that often start turning [...]

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