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Bussey's Florist Christmas Centerpieces are a popular way to decorate your home during the festive season. They can be quite expensive, and you may not want to spend a lot of money on one. But if you are looking for something that will look good as well as keep your house smelling nice for days then maybe this guide could help? Our Professional Flower Designers have created beautiful Christmas Centerpieces and would be delighted to assist you!   SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFERS - USE ON MAIN WEBSITE           Christmas Center Pieces Symbolism The Christmas tree is a symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ, who was born into this world on December 25th. The star at the top of a Christmas tree represents God's guiding light to lead us from sin and darkness into His loving light. The colors green, white and red are symbolic because they were used in ancient times to represent life (green), purity (white) and blood sacrifice (red). Centerpieces typical are made from evergreen and contain the same color or ornaments and decorations. Christmas Center Pieces Popularity Christmas centerpieces are a fun way to decorate your Christmas table. Our Floral Designers can make centerpieces from many different materials, including fresh flowers and greenery, dried flowers and greenery, silk flowers and greenery, or even fake flowers and greenery! If you are looking for an inexpensive centerpiece idea that will not take up too much space on your table--or if you just want something simple--try using a bowl filled with pinecones or colored glitter balls instead of making one from scratch. If you are looking for something more traditional, try using our fresh flowers or silk flowers. You can also use pinecones, which are both cute and [...]

Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s Celebration Flowers, Plants, Gifts

Bussey's Florist It is December, and the holidays are in full swing! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is officially upon us. The holiday parties to Celebrate Christmas, Hanukah and soon New Years are just beginning, and you're looking for floral arrangements that make an impact. Bussey's Florist is proud to offer delivery to Lindale, Georgia and almost any address in the US. For deliveries outside our local area, we may need to substitute items in your order for something similar of equal or greater value. The Holidays mean it is time to focus on finding gifts for everyone on your list. For those who prefer a more personalized touch, flowers are always a great option. From gift baskets to bouquets and vases with roses or other flowers and plants, we have everything you need to make this holiday season one to remember. Local Same Day & Express Delivery | Nationwide Same Day Flower Delivery We have the perfect bouquets for any occasion, whether it is a New Year’s Eve party or a Christmas celebration at your office. Whether you are celebrating with family or coworkers, our holiday bouquets will make any event feel special. Do not forget about our same day delivery service! Our floral experts are available so that we can accommodate even the last-minute shoppers out there. We will bring your order to your doorstep without fail—no matter where in the country you live—so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself. We are proud to offer delivery to almost any address in the US. For deliveries outside our local area, we may need to substitute items in your order for something similar of equal or greater value. For example, if you order a dozen roses and they aren't available in your [...]

Bussey’s Florist has meticulously designed the most elegant Christmas Centerpieces to dress up your holiday feast

Bussey's Florist Voted Best Florist by readers of the Rome News Tribune and the Journal-Standard.  Bussey's Florist & Gifts sells great Christmas Centerpieces. In adition,  Bussey's offers a wide variety of unique gifts, interior accessories, & plants along with beautiful fresh flowers for every occasion in your life. With locations in Rome, GA and Cedartown, GA Bussey's delivers throughout the Cedar Valley region. Working with a hand-selected network of florists, Bussey's also offers national and international floral delivery. Founded in 1976, Bussey's Florist & Gifts is family owned and operated. The professional and multi-talented floral designers at Bussey's Florist have carefully designed thoughtful and sparkling Christmas centerpieces to make your holiday dinner table so charming. We invite you to visit us conveniently online or in person and see our fabulous Christmas Holiday centerpieces. We know at Bussey's Florist that Christmas centerpieces are a nice addition to all holiday celebrations. A beautiful table centerpiece will add so much festive ambiance to any dinner table and delight your guests. Decorating Christmas dinner tables is not just a modern time concept but rather has been a tradition dating back for many centuries. Bussey's Florist designers will work diligently to help you find the right centerpiece to fit your table. There are many reasons people used centerpieces ranging from displaying wealth, power, prosperity and to ensure good fortune for those we love. Whatever your reason may be today, the Bussey's Florist team is prepared and eager to assist. Christmas Decorations The various flowers, decorations and evergreen that make up most centerpieces have symbolic meaning. For example, the evergreen, which is so common as a decoration, represents eternal life for those of the Christian faith. Evergreens are hardy and grow year-round even in the dead of winter. This representation is associated with the strength of Jesus and all [...]

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When in Rome, shop with Bussey’s Florist to find dazzling, fresh and holiday festive Christmas Flowers, Centerpieces and Wreaths

Bussey's Florist Christmas flowers, décor and wreaths offer so much beauty and holiday spirit to the season! Bussey's Florist offers the very best in farm fresh and creative Christmas Centerpieces, Wreaths and flowers. Interestingly, Christmas Centerpieces, Wreaths and decorations are not only festive but they also have a deep symbolism surrounding the Christmas season. For example, the Christmas Wreath represents eternity. This is because of its circular shape which signifies it has no beginning and no end.  In addition, Christmas Wreaths are traditionally made from evergreen leaves. The evergreen tree does not shed its leaves in the winter thus symbolizing eternal life. The various colors of Christmas decorations have interesting meanings and are believed to date back to the 15th century. At that time in history in London, it was a custom that homes and parish churches display ivy, holly and other various natural decorations.  People felt that the heart-shaped leaves of ivy symbolized Jesus coming to earth and that holly provided protection against witches. Plus, its thorns and red berries represented the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus at his crucifixion. The purposeful selection of red, green and gold decorations is by design also. Gold is one of the first colors associated with Christmas. It symbolizes royalty as it was one of the three gifts of the Wise Men. Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus shed during crucifixion. In 1839, a Lutheran priest came up with the idea to use a wagon wheel to symbolize the approach of Christmas. Using the wheel, he would use red and white candles to reflect the Advent season. In the Roman Catholic Church, the season of Advent is four Sundays in December each one taking on a different theme: On the First Sunday, the church looks forward to the Second Coming of Christ. On [...]

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Bussey’s Florist provides outstanding Professional Wedding Consultation and Elegant Flowers for December Weddings

Bussey's Florist December has been a popular wedding month for many Brides and Grooms across the country. People have come to the conclusion that there are a variety of positive benefits that make December weddings very beneficial. The professional and highly talented wedding consultants at Bussey's Florist are tops in the industry. We have a stellar track record with helping our clients plan and execute their dream wedding. While winter weddings are not as popular as other seasons like summer (June and August very popular) for example, people do opt for a winter wedding for the various benefits. It is easier to book vendors in the Winter. You will have more control over the weather as Winter weddings are typically indoor. Whereas outdoor summer weddings can be rained on. Winter weddings are usually less expensive thus saving you thousands. Winter weddings can be more convenient for guests as it may relieve the stress of choosing between numerous summer wedding invitations. Winter weddings are many times more memorable due to the holidays. In addition, December is one of the best winter months to plan a wedding as you have the Christmas Holiday to help create an atmosphere of winter splendor and holiday spirit. The decorations around the alter can be Christmas Trees and Poinsettias plus the food and décor can be holiday festive. There is so much added excitement and winter splendor with a December wedding! There are some considerations to keep in mind with a December wedding. In most parts of the country, it will most likely be very cold outside. You will need to think about how long outdoor pictures may take so that the wedding party and photographers and others are able to contend with the cold temperature.  Also, days are shorter than in the winter months in terms [...]

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Bussey’s Florist has great quality flowers and festive floral décor for this Black Friday and the holiday season

Bussey's Florist Retailers are scrambling to ramp up for this historically high volume shopping day, Black Friday. While the past two years have been challenging to say the least, positive predictions are that 2021 should be improved in terms of in store sales. Even though studies have shown vaccines have lowered risks, safety precautions are still warranted as we venture out to stores. Bussey's Florist offers stunning competitive floral products that would be sensational as a thoughtful holiday gift. We also offer the convenience and safety of shopping online for those who want to stay home as opposed to going out to crowded stores. Black Friday has an interesting history of origination. From initially being called Black Friday because people called in sick the day after Thanksgiving, to the police in some major cities referring to the day as Black Friday because of the crowds and traffic to today being commonly referred to as the best holiday shopping day. In addition to being the best shopping day of the season, Black Friday is also known as the beginning of USA Christmas shopping season. Last year, when Covid was peaking, many people opted for online purchasing so they could safely shop from home. That has been a growing trend for several years and now has become even more popular. However, for those that want to get out and visit stores in person, the opportunities will be there. Following Black Friday, there are a couple of additional special shopping opportunities: Small Business Saturday occurs between November 24th and November 30th. This day falls in as one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. First observed in the United States on November 27, 2010, Small Business Saturday is within the same theme as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are days when [...]

Make a Holiday Statement with a Floral Centerpiece

This holiday season, may a statement that really shines with Bussey's flowers and centerpieces for Christmas and New Year's! With the likelihood of having to celebrate all these special occasions from the safety of our homes, this is the year to add more decor than ever before. A centerpiece is a good place to start with decorating as it tends to be a focal point because of its position on the holiday table. However, centerpieces can also be placed on other tables throughout your home -- in a four or a social space like a gathering room. While you may prefer a holiday centerpiece with candles for the dining table to provide some mood lighting, your other holiday centerpieces can provide a rustic or elegant look without candles. For example, you may want to add a unique centerpiece for the living room or foyer that has a botanic flair with fruit and a lot of greenery. Our other holiday floral displays also brighten a home, including compact cube vase arrangements that can be lined up on a long dining table or used for various smaller tables. For example,  we have many stunning white flower arrangements perfect for a New Year's celebration. These cargo from elegant in bubble bowls to down-home rustic in handmade wood boxes. These flower arrangements also work well from Christmas through the New Year's holiday. Many of our customers have asked us if we are still offering custom holiday flower designs, and the answer is "yes." We understand that you may want to customize or personalize your floral display for the holidays. We are here to help. Just call us and you can meet with one or more of our floral design team to create custom Christmas centerpieces or custom New Year's bouquets. We are open at [...]

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Come See Our Holiday Showroom with Dazzling Flowers, Gifts, and More

The holiday season is here! Our Cedartown, Georgia flower shop and Rome, Georgia flower shops are brimming over with holiday flowers, plants, and gifts. Come visit us to see how we have transformed our showrooms into holiday wonderlands, including Christmas centerpieces, Christmas wreaths, Christmas garlands, poinsettia plants and Christmas baskets, stocking stuffers, and more! We have heartfelt and thoughtful gift options for family, friends, colleagues, service personnel, teachers, neighbors, and other special people in your life. Our Christmas collection, available in our showrooms and online through our website, have something for everyone. Gift options come in all sizes, styles, and price points to help you get more holiday shopping done in one place! Not sure what to get? Here are some ideas to help you! Poinsettia plants are a great and portable gift for teachers and service personnel. We have red and white poinsettia plants as well as garden basket arrangements that feature a poinsettia along with a selection of indoor green plants. Christmas centerpieces are thoughtful for friends, family members, and clients as they offer a beautiful addition to their holiday decor, helping them do and spend less to make their homes festive. We have so many beautiful centerpieces in styles that range from elegant with lantern candle holders to rustic, casual centerpieces displayed in homemade wood boxes. Fruit and gift baskets are perfect gifts for colleagues, neighbors, and clients. These generous gifts overflow with tasty treats and gourmet goodies that can feed many. This holiday gift idea also works well for family members that you will not be able to see during the holiday season. Don't forget to gift yourself with holiday decor! Our fresh wreaths and garlands add to the festive ambiance you want to create for your family during the season. We have many design styles [...]

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A Holiday Showroom Brimming with Christmas Cheer

Bussey's Florist Rome, Georgia Flower Shop Offers Christmas Decor and Gifts Bussey's Florist is a family owned and operated flower shop with locations in Rome, Georgia and Cedartown,  Georgia. We offer award-winning floral design combined with personalized service, unique gifts, variety, high-quality flowers and plants, and good value for local and national delivery during the holiday season. Our Rome flower shop and Cedartown flower shop, along with our website, offer dazzling holiday decor and Christmas gifts. Here are some ideas from our Christmas collection: Poinsettias Let's start with one of the most beloved symbols of Christmas. Each year, poinsettias are one of our most in-demand Christmas product. So we've stocked up with red poinsettias and white poinsettias available in a number of sizes and container types. We also offer mixed holiday arrangements that feature poinsettias like our Holiday Homecoming Basket. It includes four potted plants, including red poinsettia, then add in white cyclamen, green pothos, and variegated dieffenbachia. Centerpieces Centerpieces are a must-have for the holiday meal table. However, they are also good to showcase in other parts of the house, including a living room table, game room, or buffet table. Additionally, centerpieces make a nice gift for a holiday host or colleague, client, friend, or neighbor. Our Glowing Merlot centerpiece has a pillar candle along with apples, textured foliage, and evergreen. Many other Christmas centerpieces include taper candles or just flowers and holiday accents. Holiday Wreaths and Garlands Holiday wreaths welcome guests to your home during the holidays while garlands add warmth and festive cheer inside. Garlands can also frame your front door, garage door, and front porch railings. Include garlands on a buffet table, fireplace mantel, and inside door frames. You can add lights to all of our wreaths and garlands to further highlight this holiday decor. Christmas Flowers We've [...]

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