Send Flowers For All Special August Days

They say the greatest happiness comes from giving, so it makes sense then how good it feels to know if you have made someone else smile or feel good from your actions. In these challenging times where there is a lot of stress and worry related to work, school, health, finances, and everything else, it is good for all of us to focus on how we can do something positive for others that may also help us focus on the more important things in our lives. Last week, we talked about National Smile Week and how good it was to make anyone and everyone smile. This week, we want to share some other special days where we can make someone's day. This includes our older friends, neighbors, and family members on Senior Citizen Day on August 21st. Then, there is Kiss and Make Up Day on August 25th where it's an opportune time to end that awkward silence or rift between you and other people in your life. Finally, there is Just Because Day on July 27th when you can do something for anyone but not need a reason or occasion to do so. Our Rome, Georgia and Cedartown, Georgia flower shops and website are here to help you make someone else's day with some stunning flowers. One place to start looking for the perfect floral gift for any and all of these special occasion days in August is in our summer collection. Why not enjoy what's summer has got to offer with the bright and bold blooms? These are cheerful bouquets and arrangements that come in all sizes and colors. If you are looking for the latest trends to incorporate in your floral gift, then another option is to look at our bestsellers collection. This collection of flowers has [...]

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Send Your Love in August During National Smile Week and Romance Awareness Month

August is a month focused on ways that you can show those around you just how much you care. In a world that could do better with kindness and concern for others, these special occasions are a good way to get started on thinking of others. The second week of August is known as National Smile Week. It's a good time to smile more at others (in some places, this may mean smiling with your eyes or emojis in case you have to wear a mask. And, it's a good opportunity to do things for others that are bound to make them smile. After all, smiling is known to put those who do it and experience it in a more positive frame of mind. August is also National Romance Awareness Month, which is an opportunity to focus on romance despite having hectic lives and lots of responsibilities that take you away from focusing on your loved one as much as you'd like. If you celebrate one or both, our Cedartown and Rome, Georgia flower shops and website are here to help you with thoughtful gifts. Here are some ideas to consider: Roses are a stunning flower to give for either occasion. Consider a bouquet of yellow roses to symbolize your friendship or give a traditional romantic gift of a dozen or more red roses. Select a bright and cheerful arrangement with many bold colors amongst a variety of flowers to delight your recipient. Our Vibrant Beauty bouquet is a good example. Choose one of our gift packages or gift baskets to shower your loved one or friend with many gifts in one. For example, our Vibrant Garden Gift Collection comes in three sizes of bouquets along with a candle and gourmet chocolates. Ā Our gift baskets include gourmet food items and/or [...]

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Gifts for All Occasions!

Every month, you most likely have many occasions to celebrate among family, friends, and your social circle. July is no different with many birthdays and other things to celebrate. However, there are also some other special occasion days that you may not realize are good to celebrate during the month of July. These include Cousin's Day on July 24th, Parent's Day on July 25th, Aunt and Uncle Day on July 26th, and Father-in-Law Day on July 30th. At our Cedartown and Rome, Georgia flower shops as well as through our virtual flower shop on our website, we have all types of gifts for all these occasions, including flowers, plants, and gift baskets in a range of styles, sizes, and prices. You will be able to treat all of your family on these special occasion family-themed days throughout July. Here are some gift ideas to consider for these special occasion days: For Cousin's Day, consider a gift basket filled with candy, fresh fruit and savory treats, or a combination of gourmet foods. We also have a gift basket called "Just Add Wine," which might be a good idea to then pair their favorite red, white, or champagne varietal. For Parents Day, you might want to do a gift basket or possibly a special luxury flower arrangement with their favorite flowers and in their favorite color(s). We have many summer floral designs that provide the freshest flowers possible to show your love. For Aunt and Uncle Day and Father-in-Law Day, you could select a long-lasting gift from our plant collection, such as a succulent garden or basket garden of indoor green plants. These are low maintenance and provide a way to show your love for months to come. Of course, they might also enjoy one of our gift baskets. For any and [...]

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