Say Hello to Summer with These Summer Flower Trends

Summer is here, and we couldn't be more excited to be able to enjoy it in many of the ways we have always been used to doing. There is much to celebrate this summer and appreciate. Flowers can be a part of that through decorating the house for a festive feel, adding flowers to summer weddings and events, and sending flowers for all the special occasion days and personal celebrations for this season. Here are some of the summer 2021 flower trends that we see: Yellow Flowers Sunny yellow is the color of this summer as the forecast for a better season seems to be the conclusion across the country.  More than just yellow flowers, yellow is also being incorporated in other ways, including yellow containers and yellow accents. Zen Feel and Far Eastern Floral Design Many floral designs this summer are focused on providing relaxation and calm after so many months of facing turmoil and uncertainty. Think tropical leaves and greenery combined with orchids and minimalist flower designs that allow you to focus on the individual beauty found in nature rather than overwhelming you with a large bunch of flowers. Many of these floral designs also reflect a Far Eastern design in terms of the minimalism and thoughtfully placed natural elements, including unique containers that allow flowers and greenery to be displayed this way. Botanical and Natural Connections We love flowers, but we also love everything else that Mother Nature provides us. This has created a trend for the last season focused on the botanical look, which includes more greenery, branches, and other natural elements. Many of the botanical designs are even all green, including green flowers. White Hues With the hot weather comes the refreshing look of all white flower arrangements, offering a sublime feel with very little [...]

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Enjoy the Arrival of Summer with Seasonal Flowers and Plants

Summer officially arrived on June 20th. But, if you are like us here in Cedartown and Rome, Georgia, we already considered the season was here. School has finished. Graduations are done. Vacation-mode is back on as things open up and there are opportunities to travel more. Weddings are also back along with many other in-person events. The season is bright, and we're not just talking about the sunshine and hugging that we all look forward to. Our summer flower collection is brighter than ever. Enjoy long-time favorite floral designs and new floral displays created by our talented floral design team. You can find it in our florist locations in Cedartown and Rome, Georgia as well as on our floral shop website. You will be sure to find bright hues and a variety of flowers, including roses, Gerbera daisies, sunflowers, and more. We have so Manny colors to choose from as our flower supply ramps back up with all of our treasured flower farm partners from around the country and world. There are cube vases, large glass bowl vases, unique keepsake containers, and baskets of flowers made to fit all types of decor and events, including weddings and special parties. Bowls of sunflowers, for example, are sure to light up a room and bring the sunshine in while baskets filled with Gerbera daises can bring the smiles. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, call us or stop by so we can create something special out of our available summer flower supply. We love working with our customers on custom summer flower arrangements for weddings, events, and gift-giving. Our summer collection also contains seasonal green and blooming plants that also add ambiance to your home and serve as thoughtful gifts for all types of occasions. You can also [...]

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Gifts For Special July Family Days

July is filled with special occasion days. There are most likely birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations to commemorate. However, there are many special July days dedicated to celebrating different family members. July offers Cousin's Day on July 24th, Aunt and Uncle Day and Parent's Day on July 26th, and Father-in-Law Day on July 30th. Whether you can get together in-person to celebrate or not, there are many flowers and plants that offer a beautiful sentiment for these special family days and other July celebrations. Here's what we offer at our Rome, GA flower shop and Cedartown, GA flower shop, including flower arrangements, plants, and garden arrangements. Let's start with flowers. Some of our favorites include southern hydrangea, sunflowers, and roses. All of these flowers are a beautiful way to show you love for your family members. We offer these flowers and more on their own or as part of a floral design that combines many different flowers. Additionally, we offer succulent gardens, basket gardens, and hanging flowering plants, all of which provide a stunning, long-lasting way to show your love and thoughtfulness towards a parent or other relative on one or more of these special family days. To further personalize your gift, consider one of our Designer's Choice options. Just select a style from our Designer's Choice collection and then our floral design team will go to work to create a custom floral gift for your recipient. Finally, we also offer gourmet gift baskets and fresh, seasonal fruit baskets. These delicious gifts are another thoughtful gesture for a family member to let them know you are thinking of them on their special day. To order, please call one of our flower shops or visit our website. We offer curbside delivery and no-contact delivery for local orders to the Rome, GA [...]

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