Bussey’s Florist

Rome, Georgia Flower Shop Also Offers Green and Blooming Plants

Bussey’s Florist is a family owned and operated flower shop with locations in Rome, Georgia and Cedartown,  Georgia. We offer award-winning floral design combined with personalized service, unique gifts, variety, high-quality flowers and plants, and good value for local and national delivery throughout the year and for all occasions.

While we are known for our unique floral designs and fresh flowers, our Rome and Cedartown flower shops also feature a wide array of green and blooming plants. That makes us the perfect place to stop by today to celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day, which happens every January 10th.

This special day was created to recognize the health benefits and value of green plants in our lives. Many indoor plants even purify the air, creating a healthier environment for us to live and work. Our focus is on providing fresh, easy-to-care for plants so you can easily add them to your home or office and maintain them over time without too much effort.

Here are some of the highlights from our plant collection that offer something for everyone:

Serene Retreat

This is a plant arrangement that offers multiple types of green and indoor plants to enjoy. There are different textures and colors that add interest and depth to the plant display.

High Desert Succulent Garden

Plants Galore

This is one of our largest garden combinations with multiple green and blooming plants in one woodchip-style basket.  The plants we select are aligned with the season, what works well together, and what we have available at the time you place your order. Be sure to ask us about a particular plant or plants you are interested in so we can see if it’s possible to customize it to your liking.

Bromeliad Beauty

Related to the pineapple plant, this colorful tropical plant is sure to please. We also have other bromeliad options that give you multiple plants in a variety of available colors.

Dish Garden Ceramic Planter – Premium

This is another large plant option that gives you the most plants we offer in one large 14-inch ceramic planter. We select a nice mix of plants and blooming plants to create a full garden in one container.

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